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Do you want to buy luxury macrame dresses that are made exclusively for you? Then you are in the right place. At DEAM Store you can purchase premium-quality Italian clothing for different occasions. We make sure that each piece of cloth is made only in one sample (even without the size range) to make sure that you will be the unique proprietor of the model of your choice. Each combination of patterns for dress macrame is carefully designed based on modern tendencies.

Unique macrame dresses for all occasions

At DEAM Shop you will find various outfits for sale based on Italian tendencies. Whether you are looking for clothes for a festival, beach, or maternity you will find everything without exception in our store. Our top priority is making fancy macrame dresses of various styles only in one sample. It is not easy to feel unique in a world where everything is mass-produced. Hence, we decided to keep in mind the fashion trends and at the same time create models that will be made in one sample. 

What makes DEAM dress macrame superior to its competitors?

DEAM Store consists of only one designer based in Milan, Italy who created all the styles that you can see in our shop. Most of the macrame dresses have lace texture and can sometimes be in boho (bohemian) style. You will come across the long and mini dresses for women with or without fringes. We make sure that you can look exceptional in any occasion with exclusive clothing. We strive to make you look as extraordinary as our clothes.


There are many big brands such as Zara and Gucci and they do offer an appealing piece of clothing. However, wearing something mass-produced will not give you the feeling of uniqueness you seek for. Dress macrame is the best option for any occasion. At DEAM you can purchase clothing that you will never regret buying when looking back. 

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