Sexy Corset in Macrame, See-thru Fringy Partywear

Original price was: 124.00€.Current price is: 114.00€.

Colour: Dark Gray

Material: Lurex (2 mm)

With uneven fringes

Size: Small / Medium

Precise characteristics:

  • Chest – 102 cm
  • Waist – 84 cm
  • Hips – 100 cm
  • Length – 67 cm
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      Sexy Corset, Revealing Sunday Partywear

      Sexy Corset in Macrame, See-thru Fringy Partywear

      Original price was: 124.00€.Current price is: 114.00€.

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      This exclusive sexy corset from Italy is made of high-quality lurex 2mm thread. This fascinating knitted beachwear has unique patterns based on the fashion industry’s modern tendencies. At DEAM Store, you will come across various macrame goods that will make you stand out from your peers.

      What makes sexy corset unique?

      Sexy corset is an exclusive model

      If you are one of those individuals tired of looking normal, this excellent fringy piece of clothing will make you stand out from the crowd and help you always be at the centre of attention. In our macrame store, all the models you will come across are sole and will not be mass-produced. These sexy partywear clothes are not based on existing designs and are created particularly for solo customers.

      It is always disappointing to see everyone wearing the same fancy piece of clothing from the new collection you recently purchased. Hence, we decided to offer only exclusive clothing all the time to make you feel like a goddess in every circumstance. There are a lot of online shops, such as Zara, Gucci, and Mango, that offer amazing clothes. However, the feeling of uniqueness that the DEAM Store offers is genuinely out of this world.

      It is handmade

      It is important to note that all knit products in our online store are hand-woven, and sexy corset is no exception. Hence, we devote a lot of time to each product to ensure you get a premium-quality revealing product that you can wear with pride.

      Even though the process is much more time-consuming than methods involving modern technologies, it truly pays off. The images you see in our store are not edited, and you will get the fascinating Sunday going-out pieces of clothing precisely as you see in the photos.

      Made in Milan, Italy

      Milan is the city of fashion that is the pillar of this industry and sets the trend for the whole world. DEAM Shop is based in Milan, Italy. Consequently, our designer always follows the modern tendencies of this industry to come up with fascinating see-through clothes. Sexy corset is an exceptional model that meets all the standards and is specifically designed for women who want to stand out in all situations.

      Knitting is at the heart of DEAM, and we make sure that instead of using widely used existing patterns, we create our own patterns for each design. Hence, you will get a vacation bohemian cover-up that will reflect the uniqueness in terms of exclusivity but will also portray the modern tendencies of this industry.

      Made of premium-quality materials

      At DEAM, we value the satisfaction of our customers over cost savings. Hence, all the products in our shop are made of high-quality materials. In most circumstances, we use cotton or high-quality lurex for weaving. Similarly to all the products, we made sexy corset with premium-quality thread.

      When you buy an embroidered outfit, the quality is one of the most critical factors you must consider. Purchasing beautiful clothing can help you to make a good impression on others. However, it can be heartbreaking if you cannot reuse it. At DEAM, we strive to ensure that our products are not only appealing in appearance but can also last long.

      The size guide

      Before buying sexy corset, please ensure it is the right size for you. As you know, we only produce each design exclusively for each piece of clothing. Hence, no size variation exists for this or any other goods in our macrame shop. However, it is noteworthy that most of our clothes can fit two adjacent sizes as they can be adjusted to your body size with ties. Unlike other brands, we ensure each piece of clothing is exclusive and no one will wear the same outfit.

      Colour: Dark Gray

      Material: Lurex (2 mm)

      With uneven fringes

      Size: Small / Medium

      Precise characteristics:

      • Chest – 102 cm
      • Waist – 84 cm
      • Hips – 100 cm
      • Length – 67 cm

      Please pay close attention to precise characteristics. Similarly, please press the “Size Guide” section on the top if you are still uncertain. All the products that are for sale at DEAM are fitted, slim-fit styles, and after you try them on, they will reshape to fit you perfectly. Hence, returning the product is impossible unless it was damaged during transportation, which you can check while receiving the order.


      • This piece of clothing uses the best quality thread;
      • Our macrame specialist, Lia, designs and personally handcrafts all clothes;
      • This model has unique patterns created by our designer;
      • Our clothes have original designs but are the embodiment of the most modern styles in the world;
      • We advise you to take care of the garments by washing them by hand;
      • Our garments are adjustable and will fit your body perfectly;
      • All our models are created in boho style;
      • Every one of our pieces of clothing is created according to the modern tendencies in the fashion industry;
      • We have 24-hour customer support. You can expect to hear from us in the shortest time possible;
      • We can deliver in most countries around the globe;
      • We try to reduce product delivery time by minimising handling time to make sure the product arrives to you on time;
      • This piece of clothing will be appropriate for various occasions;
      • Our garments are produced with close attention to detail to make sure they arrive at our customers’ doorstep without any imperfections;
      • Every piece at our store is designed and created in the world’s fashion centre, Milan, inspired by the world’s most famous designers;
      • Our clothes are very light and can be worn over other garments without any discomfort;

      How to take care of it?

      We recommend avoiding washing machines and only washing this unique piece of clothing by hand. Moreover, you should avoid harshly wringing it.

      Sexy corset is made of delicate material and may get damaged in the washing machine. Hence, please prefer washing it by hand to ensure you can use it for a long time.

      Is this the right piece of clothing for you?

      Embrace the artistry of our unique macramé clothes – a harmonious blend of style and craftsmanship. Is this the right piece of clothing for you? Elevate your fashion with our intricately handcrafted designs, each telling a story of creativity and individuality. From effortlessly chic tops to statement-making accessories, our macramé collection is a celebration of timeless elegance. Discover the perfect fusion of comfort and fashion tailored just for you.

      About DEAM Store

      Besides sexy corset, at DEAM Store you will come across various macrame products. We strive to make the shopping experience unforgettable for ladies and not only. You can purchase luxury clothing at DEAM for any occasion, such as a festival or a beach. This is the best outfit from our summer collection that can be similarly used for any other season.

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